Note from the CEO

Welcome to Invexus Financial Group.

We are an England-based specialist funds management business that was established in 2013.

We manage funds for individuals and institutional clients located in United Kingdom and around the world.

Invexus’s investment strategies are focused on global equities, global listed infrastructure, sustainable and, through our wholly owned subsidiary, Airlie Funds Management, Worldwide equities.

Since Invexus was established, our investment goals have been consistent and straightforward: to provide our clients with satisfactory returns over the medium to long term while minimising the risk of permanent capital loss.

To achieve this, we have built a high-calibre team of investment analysts.

This team conducts detailed and focussed research to construct relatively concentrated portfolios of high-quality businesses – those that we believe have attractive and sustainable business characteristics – purchased at prices considered to be at a discount to our assessment of intrinsic value.

Our investment process also prizes risk management. We pay close attention to macro-economic risks and have developed a portfolio-construction framework that aims to protect against capital losses.

Since 2013, Invexus has grown considerably and generated significant value for its clients – and it is this focus on our clients that lies at the heart of our culture. 

Above all, we are a collegiate team who firmly believe in placing the interests of our clients first.

We encourage our team to think and act like businesses owners and the vast majority of our staff are Invexus shareholders.

We foster an environment of innovation to ensure our client focus results in better product development, reduced friction and transparency.

We will always seek to act responsibly and fairly. We understand our clients are entering a bond of trust when they commit their savings to us to manage. At all times, we will act to deserve that trust.

Whether you are an existing client or adviser, someone considering our investment options or a Invexus shareholder, we hope this website provides you with useful information. If you need something more or cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.



Chief Executive Officer, Invexus Financial Group.